Sunday, 3 April 2011

New Skin. New Start ^_^

Right so, we all want good healthy skin am i wrong? no, didn't think so ;)! Here is a way to improve dry, oily, and acne prone skin. Yeah, it really does help all those! And the bonus is, its completely natural, no chemicals and ridiculously cheap! Thank me later.. ;) 

Firstly, here is what you need.. 
Natural Yogurt/Bio Yogurt, Clear/Plain Honey, Oat Meal, Olive Oil.
Bowl & Spoon.

Put One table spoon of natural yogurt into the bowl..

Next, Put one table spoon of oats in.. 

Now one table spoon of honey..

Lastly, mix it all together. It depends of you if you want olive oil or not, if you suffer badly from dry skin then i recommend it. DON'T WORRY, olive oil wont give you oily skin or make you break out because the particles in the oil are too big too clog your pores! :) 

Apply this on your face with a clean foundation brush, and leave to dry. To know when its ready to be washed off, do the smile test, if you cant smile or it feels really tight when you do, then its ready to be washed off! ;) 

*waits for it too dry*.. la la la lala, la la la lala lala la laaa (8) hehe ^_^

Once washed off your skin should feel refreshed, soft and clean! (L) :D 
Oh and by the way, this picture lies! i am not that tanned! i took it in the bathroom during sunset! ^_^ xox 

Hope this helps you! xxxxxx

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