Sunday, 3 April 2011

New Skin. New Start ^_^

Right so, we all want good healthy skin am i wrong? no, didn't think so ;)! Here is a way to improve dry, oily, and acne prone skin. Yeah, it really does help all those! And the bonus is, its completely natural, no chemicals and ridiculously cheap! Thank me later.. ;) 

Firstly, here is what you need.. 
Natural Yogurt/Bio Yogurt, Clear/Plain Honey, Oat Meal, Olive Oil.
Bowl & Spoon.

Put One table spoon of natural yogurt into the bowl..

Next, Put one table spoon of oats in.. 

Now one table spoon of honey..

Lastly, mix it all together. It depends of you if you want olive oil or not, if you suffer badly from dry skin then i recommend it. DON'T WORRY, olive oil wont give you oily skin or make you break out because the particles in the oil are too big too clog your pores! :) 

Apply this on your face with a clean foundation brush, and leave to dry. To know when its ready to be washed off, do the smile test, if you cant smile or it feels really tight when you do, then its ready to be washed off! ;) 

*waits for it too dry*.. la la la lala, la la la lala lala la laaa (8) hehe ^_^

Once washed off your skin should feel refreshed, soft and clean! (L) :D 
Oh and by the way, this picture lies! i am not that tanned! i took it in the bathroom during sunset! ^_^ xox 

Hope this helps you! xxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Josie says relax?

Don't know what to do when everything is just getting to you? What do you do when work/friends/love life is stressing you out? Here i'm going to give you a few tips on how to de-stress!


1. Try spending one night without communication devices. Well, only your ipod if you want music, and tv for dvds, but make sure there is no way of communicating, music and dvds only! Turn off your phone and hide away the laptop. Do some homework? Doesn't sound fun i know, but it can help take your mind off everything else, give you a break and plus it will get the teachers off your back. 

2. Do something creative! Paint? Draw? Experiment with new clothes and make up. Learn about something you've always wanted to learn about but not quite got round to it?

3. Get socializing! Get to a friends house, explain what is getting you down and see if they cant help you. Once you have let out all the emotional tension, you will feel so much better!

4. Sleep! Take a nap, it might help you feel less confused and when you wake up you should feel more motivated and able to think straight.


1. Get on facebook and put up a bitchy status or comment! I know, we've all done it. I've done it. Not always the best idea..

2. Try not to take your anger out on others, if someone is annoying you, simply state you are feeling frustrated or stressed and ask for some space. I'm sure they will understand.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sisters before misters? Bro's before hoes? hmm..

So, i'm sure we have all been through it when one of your friends likes the same boy as you, or chooses a boy over you? Yeah? Thought so. Lets say.. you saw him first, but then your friend also wants a bit of him too. Whats the first thing you start to think? F****** B!%@* #!$£&! Don't worry, thats natural to be angry! But what should you really do? I've recently experienced this, and i have learned that the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. So speak out! Tell your 'friend' how shes made you feel, and if the boy hasn't had the common sense to tell her to back off then hes not even worth talking to at this moment in time. Lets just concentrate on your friend for now yes? Okay. One thing you must think of is, has the same friend done this to you before? If so, its worth a major chat with them ASAP! You must let them know thats not how friends treat one another. If she thinks any different then is she worth sticking around for? You decide. Now, as for this boy. Like i said before, if he hasn't had the decency to tell her to back off then you shouldn't be chasing after him. At this point you're going to want to chase after him, i know! DON'T! Otherwise he will think you will always take his side over anyone else. You need to let him know hes in the wrong just as much as your friend. If they both see they have done wrong, talk it through with you and it all becomes forgotten then leave it at that! Do not bear a grudge. Live and let die as they say. On the other hand, if they think you are totally in the wrong, explain your reasons for not being in the wrong. If they still do not realise they've hurt you then they are clearly not bothered about anyone else other than themselves. If this is the case, neither of them are worth sticking around for. <3

First Blog! ;D

So, this is my first blog! Basically it's going to me be giving tips and advice on how to cope with certain situations, how to stay mentally and physically healthy and just how to keep happy during those hard times! Now, i am no stranger to stress and being in some sticky situations. I know they can make you feel rubbish and make you feel like you don't know what to do with yourself, so i'm hoping my advice will help you!